a perfect image


…those moments when you walk outside, look up, and see the most beautiful color of blue, with a perfect globe of light hanging in the sky…behind a silhouetted tree.

Sites like this are a bit rare when you live in the city, but tonight I was lucky…I found this site at the perfect moment — and it stuck around long enough for me to run back inside and grab the camera!

A little side note of how much I love my camera, and my knowledge of my camera — this image is straight off of the card. No photoshopping. No brightening. No manipulation whatsoever. Sony cameras dazzle me sometimes! I only wish it would have been taken with my DSLR (currently with a dead battery), and not my manually-set cybershot…I also wish I would have had a tripod… Oh well; still a great shot that I love! (The moon is slightly blurred. Grr.)



Tears, wine, and ice cream.


It’s been that kind of day. Important meetings were cancelled. GPS was malfunctioning all day long. Marketing ideas shot down in a less-than-spectacular blaze of glory. Dogs needing as much attention as a one-minute old infant. About 30,000 hours of work to do tonight…and all I want to do is curl up in a warm blanket, with a glass of wine, bowl of chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and sprinkles, and cry.

These days don’t come frequently, but when they do — all I want to do is return them to their original owner. My work hours have been preventing me from keeping my own promise to myself and my project365 goal, and that is just pissing me off. Maybe February will be different? Please, let February be different! I need my me time to remain sane…and lately, I’ve been the farthest thing from sane on most days. I hate feeling like my life is spiraling out of control; it is my life, I should be able to be in control of it, right?!

So, I will accept that my project365 will be retired until February 1st. I will accept that my GPS will act like an idiot when I only need for it to get me the hell out of the ghetto. And I will accept that wine and chocolate ice cream make a perfectly acceptable dinner for a 31 year old single woman. Well…single in that I’m not married and I don’t have human children I also need to feed dinner to. My dogs like ice cream, and wine…they really are my babies!



A Happy Day

10.06 372

It’s pretty…but has nothing to do with the post 🙂

As a 31 year old woman, who has never been married, nor engaged, and wants to be married and have a family…the area of relationships has always been a difficult area of life to navigate. I’ve been very picky for many years, but several months ago I fell in love with the perfect guy for me. Like most new relationships, we’ve had our ups and downs…times where we didn’t agree about something and that caused tension, personal life crises, and whatnot… These situations took us away from each other, but through it we’ve found our way back again. And Saturday night, he told me he loves me, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. That sounds kind of mushy saying it here — but trust me, it was the sweetest thing ever — and like most girls, I was crying like a blubbering idiot. Because, you see, I’ve known for several months that he was the one…and it turns out, he fell for me before we even started dating. One of those fairy tale moments, where you both realize you’ve loved each other the entire time you’ve known each other. It was and is pretty awesome.

On a different note — my project365 is still going strong — however my time in front of the computer, more specifically photoshop, has become the rare enigma that people seek to find, but rarely do. Hopefully toward the end of this week I’ll get my photos edited for my week two posting — and when I say hopefully, I have about 15% confidence that that will actually happen. Between an incredibly busy work week, cleaning the house, and preparing for a national sales conference next week, in Texas…I couldn’t tell you my own name at some points in the day (usually pre-coffee)! And what is Texas like in January? I know what Ohio is like — cold. Do they not realize that big heavy sweaters don’t pack nicely in a carry-on?! Alright…on to work for the day. I just missed my blog so much…even without my photos, I felt I owed it to myself to relay the past couple of days and the emotions involved in writing for myself to see again later.


project365 | week one

project365 | 21 December through 27 December 2012

project365 | 21 December through 27 December 2012

Well…I’ve spent the majority of today learning how to use photoshop, and I finally put together my first week’s storyboard of project365 photos! Between figuring out how to resize the template, apply a clipping mask, and editing all of the photos I decided to use…I *almost* understand photoshop.

As I mentioned in my first post, my mom was giving me a new camera for Christmas. She did — and it’s awesome. Sony A560. I haven’t had nearly enough time to play with it yet, but everything I’ve shot so far has been in fully manual mode 🙂 Now all I need to do is save up some money for more lenses. (This, will of course, mean choosing between shoes and lenses. It shall be a difficult task for me.)

Some memorable notions from this week: my first ugly sweater party. The girls LOVED my sweater, so of course I lost the UGLY sweater contest. Oops. Truth be told, I simply don’t own ugly things! And my little girls opening their Christmas presents. Oh. My. Goodness. Cuteness overload! I sort of cheated and put treats inside of all of their wrapped presents…but seeing them actually rip them open, so adorable! They each got new sweaters, new necklaces (collars for those not following my line of thinking!), and a Rachel Ray meaty soup bone. They were very fond of the soup bone, shocking!

So far, I’ve done really well with my 365. Ten days down…355 to go!

– jh.

Things to Do:

+ buy a big flash drive for 365 photos


They say that one can always start again, reinvent themselves, if you will. I have to ask, who are “they”? And what gives them the right to say “reinvent yourself”? I’ve worked hard for almost 31 years to become this person – there is no going back and reinventing…quite frankly, my dears, I’m too tired for that. There is not enough coffee in this world to make me do that. Not even 100% pure Kona coffee… But I digress. Once upon a time, I tried this whole “be a blogger” concept, it didn’t fare too well, but then again my life was not as exciting as it is now! Hopefully this time will result in better stories, more insightful, well, insights, and photography.

A note on the photography bit – for the past five years I’ve tried to take part in the project365, and for the past five years, I’ve been lucky to make it out of January before breaking the “365” rule. Well, I’m doing it again. But rather than starting on January 1st, I’m going to start on MY “365,” my 31st birthday. They (again with the “they”!) always say that New Year’s is never the time to make resolutions…so let’s listen to “they” for once, and start it early. Plus, my momma’s getting me a new fancy camera, so I’ll “need” an excuse to practice! I apologize in advance for the out-of-focus images that are bound to appear in my project365 posts, but I refuse to use a camera with automatic settings, that bad boy is going fully manual for all “365”.

One other thing…the title of my blog, yrBK — think of this as a play on my professional life as well as personal life. I work for a yearbook company, which I love, and many of my posts will be connected to in some manner; but it could also be interpreted as ‘yourbook’ which could be anything under the sun concerning me and my life. So, I liked it, it’s not a set in stone meaning, which is the very essence of life — we always have the option of change.