Me: An Update

Hello blog, it’s been awhile. Too long, really. I need to do better with this.

So much has happened in the past couple of years…I’m not sure how far to go back, so I’ll just start with where my life really began.

  • July 2014 — Lucky, lucky me…I “met” a guy online. He seemed wonderful. We talked for hours on the phone…but never got our schedules to match up to go on a date. Fast forward a few days, and I’m on my way to Maryland for 2.5 weeks (yes, it was absolutely the best summer ever!)
  • While in Maryland, I get a text from this wonderful online guy…he’s started dating someone, and he only dates one person at a time. Well, shit. I cried! CRIED ACTUAL TEARS…OVER A GUY I’VE NEVER MET. How silly can I possibly be?! The next day at the beach…lots of beverages were consumed. It helped…until I felt like death the next day.
  • Still in Maryland, my bestfriend is amazing. She got us tickets to see Keith Urban, FGL, and Jason Aldean. How wonderful is she?!
  • I begrudgingly returned to Ohio (seriously, do I have to come back?! But why???)…do a yearbook training workshop for a few days…and go back to laying out in the blissful sunshine.
  • August 2, 2014 — That same wonderful online guy is on my mind. Why?! He broke up with me without ever dating me?! Who does that?!?! So I text him…and he responds, creepy fast. We talk…turns out, the chic he was dating, didn’t really work out too well. He asks to take me to dinner…I’m happy I didn’t already have plans that night!
  • He picks me up at my house. We have wings and beers. He brings me back to my house. We hang out…until the next morning when he has to leave to go to the firehouse. Oops…no judging, please.
  • August 3, 2014 — wonderful online guy comes back for a dinner made by yours truly. He stays again. Again…no judging! You’ll swoon with Ooos and ahhhs in a second, I promise.
  • While laying in bed, I comment that he is so smitten with me…he corrects me by saying “nah, I’m just in love with you.” YOU GUYS…this is date two, and this boy is telling me he loves me. AND I BELIEVED HIM. And I could honestly say I felt the same way.
  • Jon came to my house on August 2, 2014…and never left. He proposed on December 21, 2014, by tying the ring around Emma’s neck with a ribbon…and actually got down on one knee. We got married on March 7, 2015, with our families and friends celebrating the love that had swept us both off of our feet.
  • April 2014 — We honeymooned in Kennebunkport, Maine. It was breathtaking! If you have never ventured to Maine, do yourself a favor and GET THERE. We drove…from Ohio…it’s a long drive. But so worth it. Hoping to do it again summer 2017!
  • Almost 14 months later, I love him so much more than I did in August 2014! The first time I talked to this boy, I knew. I just knew. He was the one I was meant to spend my life with. And I am loving my life now!
  • The next chapter of our love story is currently being written…the adventures of starting a family! I can’t wait to be a momma…I’ve always wanted to be one…Jon on the other hand, I think he’s terrified about being a daddy! Not because he won’t know what to do — he’ll do great in that area! — but because he knows he is going to lose sleep…and he is a grouch without enough sleep!

DSC05881 ed cr

Well…that’s about half of the nutshell for my life the past couple of years. But, it does pretty much catch everyone up!




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