arctic vortex — bite me.

So…last winter was the first winter at Grand. It was great. A little drafty, paid for that with the gas bills…but other than that, no issues at all. I did however discover, I dislike shoveling my sidewalk. And digging my car out when the snow plow buries it in.

But this winter. Oh good Lord. Please, please give me a shovel any day of the week…I’d rather clean every sidewalk on my block than deal with the shenanigans that this winter has brought. An above average snowfall…I think 16″ above where we are normally. Most of my schools are out of snow days before the last week of January has even hit us.  A projected eight more occurrences of the sub-zero nonsense before Groundhog Day. An electric bill that doubled this month. A gas bill that causes heart palpitations when opened. And then we have the mounting list of what I’ve had to deal with at my house:

frozen water lines running to my washer

cause: oh! my kitchen has no insulation. splendid

fixed with a hairdryer after about two hours

followed by me lining the back of every cabinet the water lines run through, with insulation

frozen drain pipe coming off the kitchen sink

didn’t get to use my sink for four days, finally gave in and called the plumber when I saw the huge puddle outside…thinking my drain pipe had busted

after poking around for 20 minutes, turns out it thawed out on its own, but I still had to pay for them to be there for an hour

and the latest…frozen water line

went down to make coffee, no water…and no coffee

put the hair dryer on the water lines (it worked the first time, right?) after about 40 minutes of that, I had water running again

and I had water running out from under my sink as well…

thankfully, with enough common sense, I tried turning off that little valve under the sink for the cold water…it worked! but the problem of not having water remains

called the plumber again (should I put them on speed dial?)…one job in front of me…said that since the water stopped filling my cabinet when I turned off the little valve, we might get lucky with this service call! I’m all for lucky…as long as I don’t have to take out a second mortgage to pay the bill

Lori the plumber gets here, starts poking around…the super-cheap supply line had broken away from the valve

easy enough fix, replaced with pretty silver bendy supply lines…went ahead and did the hot water supply line, too

she was here just under an hour. hopefully I won’t need that second mortgage

Seriously, can we get a little sunshine and nice 60 degree weather again?! I’m tired of the cold. I’m tired of the snow. I’m just tired of the winter.

I think I need a glass of wine…



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