day 365


Today was that day. My 365th day in my own house. While I haven’t made any huge improvements to the house (it didn’t need any — even though it is 114 years old this year)…I have put my personal touch on my house.

Accomplished in the past year…

+ painted my bedroom baby pink to pair nicely with my dark grey duvet and white lace curtains

+ built a closet…because there wasn’t one in my bedroom

+ painted my office, bookcases, built my desk, and hung curtains

+ added a cafe rod and cute curtains to the kitchen window

+ added a few knick-knacks from various vacations to my walls

+ added a fence around the yard for my lovely girls

+ found the perfect teal chairs and accessories to go on my porch

+ planted some adorable yellow flowers in the front of my house, and some tomatoes in the backyard

In the coming year…

+ I want to paint my front door that same lovely teal.

+ I must go a little crazy with the Halloween decorations this year and actually be at my house to pass out candy.

+ I’d love to replace the curtains in the living room. They’re just drab.

+ Buy a weed eater to clean up around that fabulous fence I had installed.

+ Replace the window in the bathroom. (Currently, it has a sheet of plexi-glass where a window should be. I never notice this due to the curtain…but it would be nice to be able to actually open it up!)

+ Work on cleaning out the storage space under my stairs. (Purge a bunch of stuff.)

I took a few photos while outside this evening with my girls…highlighting all of the loveliness that is my front porch. Since getting that fence and being able to have my girls outside with me without constantly stressing about them getting to the road…that space has become my favorite place at my house. My porch, my girls, and my coffee (or wine). Perfection.



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