the end of summer

Venice Day Two 036

Today is my final day of vacation. For the month that I was off, I did get a lot accomplished, and had some fun along the way…

+ I spent a week at the beach with my best friend, Kelly.

+ I spent a couple of days in St. Louis (technically for work), but I was able to go to a Cards game…with box seats…free food…free beer…and air conditioning.

+ I spent several days in Texas (definitely for work), though this was an amazing workshop with only yearbook advisers. They understood my excitement for my job.

+ Spring cleaning of the downstairs was successful, and even included painting and re-arranging the office.

I also spent some time enjoying my front porch and my girls enjoyed having a fenced in yard to play in. Coffee on the porch in the morning is perhaps one of my favorite things to do at my house now. I’ll be looking forward to it every weekend.

Tomorrow brings with it mixed feelings. While it will be nice to get back to a routine lifestyle, and back to what I love doing…I have become pretty accustomed to spending the day with my girls, playing on pinterest, afternoon yoga, and knitting whenever I please. One thing is for sure, these few days of vacation have made me realize that this school year must come with more “me” time. I’m thinking about joining a pilates studio. This was always something I loved doing when I was in grad school…I think it’s time to get back to that.

Dinner is almost finished. Until next time.



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