Me: An Update

Hello blog, it’s been awhile. Too long, really. I need to do better with this.

So much has happened in the past couple of years…I’m not sure how far to go back, so I’ll just start with where my life really began.

  • July 2014 — Lucky, lucky me…I “met” a guy online. He seemed wonderful. We talked for hours on the phone…but never got our schedules to match up to go on a date. Fast forward a few days, and I’m on my way to Maryland for 2.5 weeks (yes, it was absolutely the best summer ever!)
  • While in Maryland, I get a text from this wonderful online guy…he’s started dating someone, and he only dates one person at a time. Well, shit. I cried! CRIED ACTUAL TEARS…OVER A GUY I’VE NEVER MET. How silly can I possibly be?! The next day at the beach…lots of beverages were consumed. It helped…until I felt like death the next day.
  • Still in Maryland, my bestfriend is amazing. She got us tickets to see Keith Urban, FGL, and Jason Aldean. How wonderful is she?!
  • I begrudgingly returned to Ohio (seriously, do I have to come back?! But why???)…do a yearbook training workshop for a few days…and go back to laying out in the blissful sunshine.
  • August 2, 2014 — That same wonderful online guy is on my mind. Why?! He broke up with me without ever dating me?! Who does that?!?! So I text him…and he responds, creepy fast. We talk…turns out, the chic he was dating, didn’t really work out too well. He asks to take me to dinner…I’m happy I didn’t already have plans that night!
  • He picks me up at my house. We have wings and beers. He brings me back to my house. We hang out…until the next morning when he has to leave to go to the firehouse. Oops…no judging, please.
  • August 3, 2014 — wonderful online guy comes back for a dinner made by yours truly. He stays again. Again…no judging! You’ll swoon with Ooos and ahhhs in a second, I promise.
  • While laying in bed, I comment that he is so smitten with me…he corrects me by saying “nah, I’m just in love with you.” YOU GUYS…this is date two, and this boy is telling me he loves me. AND I BELIEVED HIM. And I could honestly say I felt the same way.
  • Jon came to my house on August 2, 2014…and never left. He proposed on December 21, 2014, by tying the ring around Emma’s neck with a ribbon…and actually got down on one knee. We got married on March 7, 2015, with our families and friends celebrating the love that had swept us both off of our feet.
  • April 2014 — We honeymooned in Kennebunkport, Maine. It was breathtaking! If you have never ventured to Maine, do yourself a favor and GET THERE. We drove…from Ohio…it’s a long drive. But so worth it. Hoping to do it again summer 2017!
  • Almost 14 months later, I love him so much more than I did in August 2014! The first time I talked to this boy, I knew. I just knew. He was the one I was meant to spend my life with. And I am loving my life now!
  • The next chapter of our love story is currently being written…the adventures of starting a family! I can’t wait to be a momma…I’ve always wanted to be one…Jon on the other hand, I think he’s terrified about being a daddy! Not because he won’t know what to do — he’ll do great in that area! — but because he knows he is going to lose sleep…and he is a grouch without enough sleep!

DSC05881 ed cr

Well…that’s about half of the nutshell for my life the past couple of years. But, it does pretty much catch everyone up!




arctic vortex — bite me.

So…last winter was the first winter at Grand. It was great. A little drafty, paid for that with the gas bills…but other than that, no issues at all. I did however discover, I dislike shoveling my sidewalk. And digging my car out when the snow plow buries it in.

But this winter. Oh good Lord. Please, please give me a shovel any day of the week…I’d rather clean every sidewalk on my block than deal with the shenanigans that this winter has brought. An above average snowfall…I think 16″ above where we are normally. Most of my schools are out of snow days before the last week of January has even hit us.  A projected eight more occurrences of the sub-zero nonsense before Groundhog Day. An electric bill that doubled this month. A gas bill that causes heart palpitations when opened. And then we have the mounting list of what I’ve had to deal with at my house:

frozen water lines running to my washer

cause: oh! my kitchen has no insulation. splendid

fixed with a hairdryer after about two hours

followed by me lining the back of every cabinet the water lines run through, with insulation

frozen drain pipe coming off the kitchen sink

didn’t get to use my sink for four days, finally gave in and called the plumber when I saw the huge puddle outside…thinking my drain pipe had busted

after poking around for 20 minutes, turns out it thawed out on its own, but I still had to pay for them to be there for an hour

and the latest…frozen water line

went down to make coffee, no water…and no coffee

put the hair dryer on the water lines (it worked the first time, right?) after about 40 minutes of that, I had water running again

and I had water running out from under my sink as well…

thankfully, with enough common sense, I tried turning off that little valve under the sink for the cold water…it worked! but the problem of not having water remains

called the plumber again (should I put them on speed dial?)…one job in front of me…said that since the water stopped filling my cabinet when I turned off the little valve, we might get lucky with this service call! I’m all for lucky…as long as I don’t have to take out a second mortgage to pay the bill

Lori the plumber gets here, starts poking around…the super-cheap supply line had broken away from the valve

easy enough fix, replaced with pretty silver bendy supply lines…went ahead and did the hot water supply line, too

she was here just under an hour. hopefully I won’t need that second mortgage

Seriously, can we get a little sunshine and nice 60 degree weather again?! I’m tired of the cold. I’m tired of the snow. I’m just tired of the winter.

I think I need a glass of wine…


perfectly horrible. perfectly awful.

Today was a perfectly horrible day. Which was a great way to end a perfectly awful week. A week that I tried many times to stay upbeat and positive about…but every time I turned around, someone else was knocking me flat on my ass. And when you take multiple hits every single day…it’s difficult to want to actually get out of bed, let alone leave your house.

Some “highlights” from the week:

A principal (yes, a teaching professional) ripped me a new one, loudly, in the main office of a school…while firing me from working with their school. I hate losing accounts, but (not that this is okay) I’ve come to know what kind of emotions come with this act. THIS experience…totally different. I’ve never been treated the way that this woman treated me EVER. Not even from teenagers who simply don’t know tactful ways of speaking sometimes…those students have even treated me with more respect, more like a human being, than this woman treated me. I was appalled. To think that she is around impressionable, inner-city teens all day, every day…it’s no wonder our society is turning into the red hot mess that it is. Her actions, her words, were disgusting.

I sprained my ankle. Not that I was doing anything active, which would make this an understandable injury, but I was just walking from my standing mirror to the sink in my bathroom while finishing getting ready this morning. Graceful, huh?

I finally bought a trimmer/edger this week. The one I wanted was out of stock. The one I ended up with, was $30 more… I also blew through two rolls of the trimmer rope, and am almost through the third roll. I really dislike trimming. Not five minutes into it, something flew back and cut a huge gash on my leg. Now mind you, I have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks…do you think that’s going to heal completely by then? Do you? Also, edging is even worse. It was the act of edging which brings me to the icing on the cake…the horrible day today:

I got up, I got ready, I did some laundry, got my girls on their leash to run to town to grab some lunch…all sounding pretty okay so far, right? Wait for it… I get in my lovely Prius, look in the rear-view mirror to back up…my small window across the back of my car…shattered. Spidered out across the entire thing. While edging yesterday, I’m guessing a small rock flew up and into my car. I’m not going to lie, it looks pretty damn bad. Both outside edges of it are completely broken away from the frame of my car…it’s bizarre looking. So I call my insurance company…Safelite can have someone here on Wednesday morning to fix it. Awesome. Someone please answer me this: What am I supposed to do all weekend? Or when I have to go to work on Tuesday? Really? This is my holiday weekend? Are you flipping kidding me (yeah…I cleaned that up a bit for my blog.)?

So…given that I have the next two, maybe three days to spend solely at my house, with no way to get anywhere…expect some nicely edited photos to be going up sometime soon! I might as well put this time to good use, right?

One side thought:

My poor car…it has endured being t-boned by a girl gunning her Jeep Grand Cherokee out of an alleyway (her bumper ended up remaining wedged in my car. I think Pri Pri won.)… the radiator basically exploded because a valve got flipped — valves that are NOT supposed to move according to the Toyota machanic… all four tires need replaced (I know this is normal, but it’s still something that I need to do…)… a rock cracked the windshield about a week after I got the car… and now the back window is shattered. I love my Prius, I really do…but how unlucky can a car be?! I shouldn’t ask that…my last car came to Ohio after being in Katrina…I know how unlucky (and expensive) a car can be. It’s no wonder that Chevy dealership went out of business…I paid for that car twice: once for the car, once for the repairs…which would have been fine if it hadn’t been $10,000. I’m no expert, but $20,000 on a Cavalier…that’s a bit extreme.


day 365


Today was that day. My 365th day in my own house. While I haven’t made any huge improvements to the house (it didn’t need any — even though it is 114 years old this year)…I have put my personal touch on my house.

Accomplished in the past year…

+ painted my bedroom baby pink to pair nicely with my dark grey duvet and white lace curtains

+ built a closet…because there wasn’t one in my bedroom

+ painted my office, bookcases, built my desk, and hung curtains

+ added a cafe rod and cute curtains to the kitchen window

+ added a few knick-knacks from various vacations to my walls

+ added a fence around the yard for my lovely girls

+ found the perfect teal chairs and accessories to go on my porch

+ planted some adorable yellow flowers in the front of my house, and some tomatoes in the backyard

In the coming year…

+ I want to paint my front door that same lovely teal.

+ I must go a little crazy with the Halloween decorations this year and actually be at my house to pass out candy.

+ I’d love to replace the curtains in the living room. They’re just drab.

+ Buy a weed eater to clean up around that fabulous fence I had installed.

+ Replace the window in the bathroom. (Currently, it has a sheet of plexi-glass where a window should be. I never notice this due to the curtain…but it would be nice to be able to actually open it up!)

+ Work on cleaning out the storage space under my stairs. (Purge a bunch of stuff.)

I took a few photos while outside this evening with my girls…highlighting all of the loveliness that is my front porch. Since getting that fence and being able to have my girls outside with me without constantly stressing about them getting to the road…that space has become my favorite place at my house. My porch, my girls, and my coffee (or wine). Perfection.


the end of summer

Venice Day Two 036

Today is my final day of vacation. For the month that I was off, I did get a lot accomplished, and had some fun along the way…

+ I spent a week at the beach with my best friend, Kelly.

+ I spent a couple of days in St. Louis (technically for work), but I was able to go to a Cards game…with box seats…free food…free beer…and air conditioning.

+ I spent several days in Texas (definitely for work), though this was an amazing workshop with only yearbook advisers. They understood my excitement for my job.

+ Spring cleaning of the downstairs was successful, and even included painting and re-arranging the office.

I also spent some time enjoying my front porch and my girls enjoyed having a fenced in yard to play in. Coffee on the porch in the morning is perhaps one of my favorite things to do at my house now. I’ll be looking forward to it every weekend.

Tomorrow brings with it mixed feelings. While it will be nice to get back to a routine lifestyle, and back to what I love doing…I have become pretty accustomed to spending the day with my girls, playing on pinterest, afternoon yoga, and knitting whenever I please. One thing is for sure, these few days of vacation have made me realize that this school year must come with more “me” time. I’m thinking about joining a pilates studio. This was always something I loved doing when I was in grad school…I think it’s time to get back to that.

Dinner is almost finished. Until next time.


Loving life…

Picture or Video 152

The school year has essentially come to a close. I have a couple of vacations planned. One to the beach to spend a week with my best girlfriend. The other to Texas to immerse myself into even more yearbook training for a week. However…Texas, in the middle of July…I’m not so sure. I’m also having a fence installed today! I know what you’re likely thinking — how can a fence equate to loving life? Well, please remember, I have two adorable little schnoodles that are my babies…and I live next to a busy road. They will be safe, and they will be able to sit outside with me when I’m on my porch enjoying a glass of wine. It will be grand!